Theatre Guidelines

This detailed information will help answer your questions about your visit to the theatre.

  • You can relax in the foyer or breakout space before the show. Theatre staff and an announcement will let you know when the theatre doors are open for early seating, and again when general seating is open.
  • If you are attending the pre-show demonstration, theatre staff will bring you from the foyer into the theatre when it begins 90 minutes ahead of the show.
  • You will need to sit in the seat that matches your ticket. If you don’t like your seat, speak to the theatre staff and they will try to help you.
  • You can come and go from the theatre any time during the performance, and the theatre doors will remain open. When you return to the theatre, you need to sit in your assigned seat rather than choosing a new one.
  • You can use the foyer or breakout space to relax and take a break during the show
  • Please keep phones and devices turned off and put away during the performance. If you need your phone or device for access reasons, please keep the volume off to respect other audience members.
  • Photos and videos of the show are not permitted.
  • Food and drinks may be purchased from the bar. Drinks and cold food may be brought into the theatre, but hot food is not allowed inside the theatre. If you need to bring your own food or drinks from home into the theatre, please speak to a theatre staff member.
  • Audience members are not permitted on the stage before, after, or during the show- it’s just for the performers.
  • Fidget toys, sunnies, headphones, weighted blankets, and other comfort items are welcome inside the theatre.
  • The sensory relaxed performance is a no judgement zone, and everyone is asked to be kind and respectful of each other and allow everyone to enjoy the show in their own way.