Events and Experiences

Dive into the story and enrich your theatre experience by attending our special events.

Backstage Story

Discover the world behind the curtain at Backstage Story. During the rehearsal period for each mainstage show, we invite you into the studio for a behind-the-scenes presentation with the director, designers and cast. Backstage Story is free to attend at our studios at 487 Dominion Rd.

Backstage Story 2022

Grand Horizons Mon 24 Jan, 6:00pm

Lysander's Aunty Mon 28 Feb, 6:00pm

Witi's Wāhine Tue 26 Apr, 6:00pm

Scenes from a Yellow Peril Tue 07 Jun, 6:00pm

Long Day's Journey Into Night Mon 20 Jun, 6:00pm 

Dawn Raids Mon 1 Aug, 6:00pm   

The Made Mon 5 Sep, 6:00pm

North by Northwest Mon 10 Oct, 6:00pm



Sunday Forum

Join us at 3pm in the auditorium on a Sunday in each season, before the 4pm performance, to hear from a special guest speaker to enrich your experience of the show you are about to see. This is your chance to dive deeper into the world of theatre, gaining new insights into the work.

Sunday Forum 2022

Grand Horizons Sun 13 Feb, 3:00pm

Lysander's Aunty Sun 20 Mar, 3:00pm

Witi's Wāhine Sun 15 May, 3:00pm

Scenes from a Yellow Peril Sun 26 Jun, 3:00pm

Long Day's Journey Into Night Sun 10 Jul, 3:00pm 

Dawn Raids Sun 21 Aug, 3:00pm   

The Made Sun 25 Sep, 3:00pm

North by Northwest Sun 30 Oct, 3:00pm

Youth Night

Youth Night explores new ways to connect young people to the transformational magic of theatre, with a dedicated youth performance of each production, curated and hosted by our Youth Company. Each Youth Night features pre-show
entertainment and exploration of the play and its themes from a young person’s perspective.

Youth Night 2022

Grand Horizons Tue 15 Feb, 7:00pm

Lysander's Aunty Tue 22 Mar, 7:00pm

Witi's Wāhine Tue 17 May, 7:00pm

Scenes from a Yellow Peril Tues 28 Jun, 7:00pm

Long Day's Journey Into Night Tue 12 Jul, 7:00pm 

Dawn Raids Tus 27 Sep, 7:00pm   

The Made Tue 1 Nov, 7:00pm

North by Northwest Sun 30 Oct, 3:00pm