Pay What You Wish

Our doors are thrown open on Pay What You Wish night.

Join us and experience live performance with like-minded people, in an atmosphere that values community and inspires creativity. Everyone is welcome.

Tunes, drinks, art installations and a free photobooth will be provided, followed by the performance. And yes, you can literally pay what you want.

How does it work?

Join us at ASB Waterfront Theatre, at 5:30pm before the show starts at 7pm, for an evening of social connection and thought-provoking entertainment. 

It’s super easy to book online and you can pay anything from $1. If you want to just come for the pre-show fun, you’re welcome to that too.

Pay What You Wish 2022 Performances

Please check the content and suitability of these plays for your students on each show page or contact us for more details.